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The design of precision molds requires a large inventory

The design of precision molds requires a large inventory

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       In the design of plastic molds, the design of precision molds has higher requirements. Precision molds can usually be considered when designing:
       1. The shape and dimensional accuracy of the molded article of the object, the flow direction of the resin, the transmission of the injection pressure, and the solidification of the filled resin. As a professional manufacturer, Kunshan Jingxinxie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has extremely high requirements for product knowledge, which is also the source of precision mold design. Therefore, the requirements for the product must be well known.
        Second, the characteristics of the object molded product, there must be a systematic list of the characteristics of the molded product, mainly in terms of materials, the shape of the molded product, there will be some basis for the design of the mold.
       Third, the structure of the mold. The structure of the precision mold is different from that of the conventional mold. There may be several structural design schemes for ordinary molds, but the precision molds and some structures may have certain influences. Therefore, some precision mold construction schemes may be demanding. Mainly consider the impact of mold action on the product.
       Fourth, the rigidity and strength of the mold. The rigidity of the mold is very important. Some problems on the product are closely related to the strength of the mold, and sometimes it is difficult to find.
       Fifth, the rubber inlet and the horizontal rubber channel are important factors in controlling the product. The precision mold has certain requirements on the way of feeding the product, and the glue point is used as a defect, and the product will have an imaginary effect.
       Sixth, the mold temperature adjustment circuit, the mold should be controlled at a uniform temperature. It is necessary to set the temperature difference required for the flow direction of the resin, and it is necessary to respond to the change in the thickness of the meat. At the moment when the molded product is released from the mold, the surface temperature of the mold portion of the product portion is uniform. This requires a mold cooling system to be reasonable.
7. The precision of the precision mold is very high, and the processing method adopted by the processing mold is very important. The mold hole is divided according to the shape of the molded product, and the slow wire is very commonly used. Therefore, the design should be considered processing methods.
   Eight, in the mold structure should be reasonable, to facilitate the addition of other programs. For example, a position may not be ideal. If it is not ideal after the test, it is necessary to adopt a post-compensation plan.
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