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What are the requirements for the use of automotive welding fixtures?

What are the requirements for the use of automotive welding fixtures?

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       For some large and medium-sized automobile machining companies, it is difficult to weld parts of certain parts of the car, and the automobile welding fixture can solve this problem. It is to accurately position and reliably clamp the weldment, so that the weldment can be assembled and welded. The process equipment required to ensure the structural accuracy of the weldment can be used to achieve a multiplier effect in automobile production. However, automotive welding fixtures are subject to some requirements in use. In order to allow everyone to better use automotive welding fixtures, the following is an introduction to its use requirements.
       1. The operator shall not arbitrarily modify or repair the fixtures without the consent of the technical department. Modified or adjusted welding fixtures must pass the first inspection to be mass-produced and cannot be blindly welded.
       2. Before the daily work, check whether the tooling positioning and clamping are reliable. If there is any problem, stop production and communicate with the technical department or fixture maintenance personnel in time. After work every day, the dirt on the fixture should be cleaned and the tooling cleaned.
       3. Do not arbitrarily introduce arcs on the fixture during welding. In the case of overhang welding, the electrode of the torch and the electrode arm are easily in contact with the workpiece or the fixture. The electrode or the electrode arm should be insulated with an industrial armor winding tape to prevent the workpiece or the automobile fixture from being arc-damaged.
       4. The welder should be proficient in the operation of the automotive welding fixture and understand the positioning and clamping principles. Fixtures should be handled with care during handling. Beware of bumps and severe vibrations, resulting in damage to the fixture and inaccurate positioning.
       5. During work, the welding pin and the welding spatter on the positioning block should be cleaned frequently to avoid batch waste due to unreliable positioning. It is forbidden to splash water and other liquids on the automobile welding fixture to prevent the tool from rusting.
       6, the fixture should ensure that the pressure gauge readings are adjusted within the specified range, pneumatic three-pieces should be regularly drained and oiled, often check the pipeline for leaks.
        7. In the case that it is difficult to insert or remove the workpiece, it is necessary to find the cause and reaction situation in time. Do not force the workpiece to be loaded or removed from the fixture to avoid misalignment or damage of the fixture and deformation of the workpiece. For chute-type positioning, oil should be applied regularly and the adhesive should be removed in time to ensure freedom of movement and accurate positioning.
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