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Automotive inspection tools must meet the technical requirements

Automotive inspection tools must meet the technical requirements

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       The understanding of the material processability plays an important role in judging the possibility of processing. Different materials and processing methods are selected, and the structure of the parts is significantly different. For the structurally complicated ear parts, casting materials with good casting process, such as cast iron, cast steel, etc., may also be used, and stamping process and welding process materials may be used to punch out the components and then welded; and the structural parts are simple. Forging materials with good workability, such as forged steel, can be used.
       When selecting materials, not only the price of the materials themselves, but also the processing costs of different materials and the utilization of materials should be considered. For mass-produced parts, casting materials should be used, casting blanks are used; for single-piece parts, welding materials can be used, and blanks can be used; for some parts, precision blank manufacturing methods such as casting, orange can be used. Forging, stamping, etc. This can not only improve the utilization of materials, but also save the cost of mechanical processing of automobile inspection tools.
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